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The best sales and support teams improve their skills through dedicated practice. That’s why we created Video Response—dynamic training technology that enables reps to practice their skills so they can get advice and feedback from their teammates and managers.

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The most successful teams never stop working to improve.

Record your team in action

With Video Response, reps use webcam recording to roleplay common sales scenarios or rehearse their responses to challenging customer questions.

Practice demos and ticket resolution

Reps can demonstrate their approaches to product demos and ticket resolution with built-in screen recording.

Provide direction for employees

Employees want to know what great looks like. Every practice scenario has a rubric that employees reference as they rehearse, breaking complex interactions into dimensions like accuracy, pacing, and more.

Reply quickly with helpful feedback

The best managers are phenomenal coaches. Video Response offers leaders and trainers an unparalleled opportunity to encourage team practice and offer constructive feedback.

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