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Lessonly has been great for our teams out in the field. It enabled us to quickly and easily take information, package it up, and deliver it directly to our associates.
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Training Tracking Software

As long as a business is around, training employees to Do Better Work for that company will be necessary. It’s just a fact of life. In the days when training existed of one-on-one skills teaching, paper tests, or presentations in front of new employees, it was pretty easy to keep track of employee training programs and record who trained employees.

However, with today’s ever-present technology and the increasing speed of business, some kind of software to track employee training goes a long way to assign training and track employees who meet training requirements. There are plenty of tracking software platforms out in the world, but the more recent development of tracking software devoted to ensuring that employees know what they are doing on the job is one that everyone can appreciate.

So, what exactly is training tracking software? In a nutshell, an employee training tracking software platform is a program that easily conveys information to company managers, administrators, and owners regarding information that they need their employees to know. However, training tracking software for employees is limited in the sense that they usually don’t allow for content to be created within the same software.

While not the exact same as a training tracking software, a close parallel to this situation can be found in something that the learning management system industry went through. While these software solutions are often very adept at delivering information in a timely and organized manner, they often need a separate authoring tool to prepare content, training documents, and lessons for the employees. This often creates a disconnect between the intent of the training lesson and what the learner actually sees. To overcome these issues, a standard system was created called Sharable Content Object Reference Model, or SCORM. SCORM acted as a middleman between authoring tools and the management system themselves. This standard was created nearly 30 years ago. It was convoluted then, and it’s absolutely outdated now.

Frankly, it’s ineffective to have to separate your employee training tracking software and employee training management software. Lessonly provides its solution through being a software as a service (SaaS) company. That leaves us with the task of keeping the software running smoothly, while you can focus on providing quality training material and track training requirements in real time.

Lessonly combines tracking with intuitive authoring tools so you can create content that is personalized to your company and your employees. By putting these creation tools alongside the delivering and tracking software, you can ensure that nothing is lost in translation and that your employee training tracking program gives you the data that you need to see, while still remaining usable for the learners. We’re a one-stop-shop for both training management and tracking.

One of the biggest downsides to learning modules made for older learning management systems is they often aren’t very learner-friendly. Slides will have a minimum time limit on them to “ensure” that the learner retained the information when in reality people would sit and wait until the timer was up before clicking forward. One of our core tenants at Lessonly is to make our product easy and enjoyable for the learner to use. Without that, we believe that a lot of valuable information showing employee tracking is lost. In certain specialized industries, tracking software is nothing new. However, these tracking systems aren’t always used for training. Some of the common tracking software systems that exist in other industries offer wildly different features for the specialization needed for that product or service. Be weary of these when looking into investing in your own training software:

  • Asset tracking software – Open source systems created for tracking important items make a lot of sense if you are comfortable coding and programming the developer language that the software is written in. These tracking solutions are perfect for keeping tabs on expensive company products.
  • Employee location tracking software – For companies whose employees travel and work outside of the office in order to do their work, these solutions can provide up-to-the-minute data on where they are going and how they got there.
  • Time tracking software – Open source solutions for tracking employee time have skyrocketed in the past few years, but still require developer knowledge to maintain. If something ever goes wrong with your software, there is rarely a team dedicated to fixing your problem.
  • Bug tracking software – Open source communities have traditionally wanted to control their own debug software. Tracking bugs within software is a necessity, but comes up short when compared to training tracking software.

Training Management System

If you’re looking to train your employees like they were getting ready to fight Ivan Drago, we suggest looking into training tracking software. Free of all the restraints of the industry-specific tracking software, these are specifically focused on making your employees the best workers they can be. Best practice for training and continuing to train your employees is to first create an overall strategy that your training tracking software works within. A quick search of employee any training tracking template will show that repetition is key when it comes to training and laying out a strategy or plan ahead of time increases the chances that the training is applied in a timely manner to increase its effectiveness overall.

Lessonly has this functionality, and then some. Admins can create and plan content to be scheduled at a later date. Regulatory compliance training and annual certifications can be assigned to certain employees years in advance and at that time every year, an email reminder will be sent to them so that they can keep up on their training. This is a step toward becoming a fully automated learning system, where lessons, courses, and assignments can all be automatically assigned to the people who need it most while allowing admins to track the progress of everything while it happens. We’re super excited about it because it allows the important learning and tracking to be done by the software so that the people within your workplace can go on being people and helping out when needed.

When you use a training management software to incorporate other trackable data points alongside the effectiveness of an employee’s training, you start to get a clearer picture of how your employees are growing. However, as a manager, there is a fine line to walk to make your employees feel challenged to grow rather than tracked out of lack of trust. Employee attendance tracking software might not be the exact fit by itself, but when combined with a time tracking software within a training management software, employees can show their entire breadth of growth.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]

Personal development of employees should be encouraged over everything else. Training is truly helpful when you implement it in order to help your team achieve more of what they’re already doing. More deals getting closed, more customers satisfied, more goals met. Tracking this training just allows you to quantify the smiles in your office into positive numbers for your business overall.

There are also dangers associated with adopting training management software free from the internet. These software frameworks are often bare-bones and dependent upon the user to fill in the majority of the content and eat up much of the time saved by using a training management software. Open source is not the route for everyone due to this caveat. Since Lessonly is a software as a service, we take care of this common headache two-fold. Our job is to host the software product and make it the best that it can be for our customers to use. We have a development team dedicated to improving on new features and creating the best training tracking software. Open source won’t give you that option. Unless you’re a developer, you will be waiting on the open source community to develop your system for you. Going open source can seem like it saves money at the beginning of the project, but it rarely ends up benefitting companies who need to focus their time on things other than programming their training software so it works correctly.

We also make it easy to fill this software in with awesome lessons. The beauty of Lessonly is that we included simple authoring tools inside our software so that anyone who can write an email can create an engaging and content-rich training document that can be easily tracked. This tracking comes into play when you build questions into each one of the lessons. Each question can be marked as “need to answer” or not, and learners will be allowed to go back and look through the material for the correct response. They can be as informal as you want or as strict as you need them to be. Either way, Lessonly’s gradebook function allows you to track training scores and even run reports on training score history.

Training Management Software with Lessonly

At the end of the day, your workers are at the heart of your corporate training program and software. Free yourself from the thought that these people aren’t something you need to invest in, it’s actually quite the opposite. With a clear explanation surrounding employee development and improvement associated with this personal training management software, employees feel more valued as a part of the company. This traditionally leads to more motivation to work harder and better. It may sound like a tall order, but it’s as simple as starting here with a new company culture. By being transparent with your employees and describing the reasons that you want to train them, and want to track that training, you build trust and invest in your workforce.

By keeping lesson creation easy in Lessonly, we opened the door for authors who would have normally not involved themselves with employee training manager software. Heads of the marketing, sales, engineering, client experience, design, and other departments can easily create lessons not just for their own specialized departments, but for the entire company. Marketing can create lessons to help inform the sales teams of new messaging to use when speaking to prospective clients. Engineering and development employees can give insights to the client experience representatives to help provide better answers on how to fix things when they break. This is where Lessonly has the potential to become so much more than just a training compliance software. In the past, things have skewed toward the admins needing to check a box to report to their bosses or investors, but today, we can accomplish that while providing a training tracking software free of the outdated modules and standards.

Keep all of these thoughts in mind as you are on your quest to find the best training management software. Your decision will be more informed and well suited to fit your company’s needs the more research that you put in beforehand. Training management software reviews from software websites will only get you so far. Sending out a request for proposal that a vendor for training tracking software reviews and responds to is sometimes the best course of action. No one knows the system better than the people that made it, and they can take time to review your questions and give you a customized answer to every question you might have as well as a pricing quote.

If you’d like to hear how Lessonly can help track your employee’s training, drop us a line. We’d love to hear your situation and give some feedback on whether or not we could help.