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With Lessonly, companies and managers quickly transform knowledge into shareable lessons and resources, engage employees through interactive feedback loops, accelerate rep and team performance, and measure the impact of better learning across their organizations.

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Trunk Club uses Lessonly to train more than 750 reps & stylists on 20+ new initiatives per month.

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Training Management System

Your company is growing quickly. You need a system in place to manage training existing employees and to bring new hires up to speed just as quickly. Lengthy, in-person interviews and training sessions with your employees are eating up too much valuable time and effort. This scenario sounds like a perfect situation for a training management system. These software platforms are scalable to the amount of employees you have and easily accessible across desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and even tablets.

There are plenty of vendors who offer different types of training management software free. Reviews from managers and employees alike will tell you that experiences vary wildly. All training management systems were not created equal. It’s very important to do your research and find the system that offers what you need. If a certain platform doesn’t offer what you expect, it will cost more time than it saves as opposed to a training management system that checks all your “need” boxes. Open source systems promise the best of both worlds, streamlined software and content that can be created whenever and however you like, but they often come with drawbacks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started with training management software or have been introduced before, knowing the landscape can help narrow in on features you want, features you need, and features that aren’t relevant to your business. Employee training and management development can be easily achieved by looking into implementing a training management system.

Digital Training Management System

Bringing your training management system into the digital wonders will cut out hours of tedious work from your schedule. By offering training software for employees, distributing lessons and tracking progress is easier than ever, you don’t even need to create a digital training management system powerpoint. The process can be easy enough to teach itself. We’ve had to deal with learning management systems that were built for a technological age long past, there are more than a few options of training management software freeware on the internet, but it isn’t all easy to use. Imagine having to read your digital training management system user manual every time you needed to update your training. At Lessonly, creating a lesson is as easy as writing an email. We give administrators the ability to assign lessons to specific team members, track progress, and make changes accordingly.

An example of this would be clients looking for training on a compliance suite. Training management software is the perfect way to ensure that information is always up-to-date with the latest and most reliable information. Constant control and updating is key when using a digital training management system. Login when a new product, law, or piece of information has been released, and it can easily be worked into the existing content. Read any training management software reviews, and you’ll hear nothing about how much time people have been saved through these systems.

Range of access plays a huge part in employee training. Management systems can only go so far if the employees can’t learn where they want to. By bringing scalable lessons to almost all mobile devices, people don’t feel burned to have to sit at a desk and complete timed answers over and over until their boss is pleased. Learning can be fun, enjoyable, and digestible no matter the employee taking the course.

Training Tracking Software

As mentioned above, “tracking” the training that goes on in your company shouldn’t come with a negative connotation. I’m sure the first image most employees think of when they hear corporate training software is something out of Office Space. Cubicles, suits, ties, and corporate bureaucracy so strict that it hurts. But the reality is, training is an investment in the employee. Management is putting time and money into implementing this employee training tracking software, wouldn’t they like to see it succeed?

The safety industry is one sector that uses these systems often. Safety management system training gives credentials and training to people who help save lives every day. By centralizing this training and giving managers the ability to track each person’s progress. Used in this way, training becomes synonymous with the overall team management system.

By tracking employee responses and seeing what is being understood, management can act to try and raise those scores. Lessonly allows admins to leave free-response questions or quizzes to test the retention of employee knowledge. More educated employees leads to less training time, more productivity, and more revenue for the entire company. Implementing an employee training management system is an investment in the employees, the company, and the company’s future. When looking to choose a learning management system for your company’s growth, tracking software is crucial.


Education is key when explaining what a learning management system (LMS) is used for. If your company’s processes haven’t changed for a while, lessons and important documents might still be actual documents. An efficient LMS brings those stacks of papers and pamphlets into this century and makes them accessible, easy to digest, and less of a hassle. For this reason, we designed Lessonly to be easy to work with. Every time you update or change a lesson, the previous version is automatically saved.

When implemented as an entire system, LMSs become the central hub of employee training. These software platforms are centered around providing anyone the information they need to work at your business. At the basic level, it boils down to a personal training management system. Software that improves the knowledge your employees have so that they can do their job better. Combine this with the ability to track and quantify the learning and you’ve got one pretty important piece of software. Learning management system freeware exists out there, but why trust such an important tool to open source LMS software developers?

There are certainly open source LMS options that exist within this space, but they often require more work than initially prescribed. Open source learning management software is often built on solid developmental structure, but rely on you to populate the content. This ends up being too time-consuming for anyone outside of an engineer trained to work with open source LMS systems. Not every company or business needs a robust employee training management software. Open source systems could be more of a hassle than necessary. We always suggest an open source LMS comparison against other established learning management systems to show the pros and cons between the two software sets.

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