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Online Training Courses

Beginning with the very first correspondence class in history, Isaac Pitman’s 1837 course based on the system published under the title, Stenographic Sound-Hand, and now simply referred to as Pitman Shorthand, distance learning has proven to be a viable educational option. At no time in the history of distance learning, however, has it ever been easier to earn an online degree, or complete online training courses than it is now. With the advent of the internet and instantaneous worldwide connectivity, learning for one’s personal enhancement or professional development has never been easier.

Indeed, for the truly ambitious, free online courses with certification from Harvard University is in the offing in diverse subject matter like American poetry, copyright laws, and even an intensive introduction to computer science among other offerings. Free online courses with certificates of completion are not only a resume builder for ambitious workers, but online training courses for employees are a great way to train your team within the confines of their already busy schedule. Whether attending free certification courses online by Microsoft, taking free online courses with certificates from MIT or innovative technology like VTC video, fast streaming time and wide bandwidth makes online training courses easy and affordable.

Safety Training Topics

One of the hottest issues in business these days is the proliferation of safety training topics. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), more than 4,500 workers died in 2013 while performing their jobs, and that number is entirely too high according to government sources. One of the primary ways to combat workplace injuries and fatalities is through safety awareness programs such as online safety training courses.

Mandated safety manager training and OSHA safety classes are designed to provide the measure of awareness that leads to a safer work environment. Online OSHA safety training, with free OSHA certification, is available for managers looking to reduce their workplace injuries to zero. Free OSHA training online makes this option not only affordable, but its ease of use and the ready availability of classes make it a sensible business decision.

Safety training topics include a wide array of issues from agricultural operations to the effects of confined spaces on workplace safety to the safe disposal of hazardous waste and more. Indeed, free OSHA training online, with free OSHA certification, is the best way to keep your workers safe and make your firm’s safety record an enviable one.

Online Training Software

In an effort to apply consistent training across the entire breadth of their organization, human resource directors are increasingly turning to the technology available via online training development software. Online personal training software allows the close monitoring of new employees, the rehabilitation of problem workers, or promising candidates for more responsibility with a consistency that only online training software can provide. Online education software can be used to address health and safety training concerns, as well as tracking an array of specific employee training techniques to address the employee’s specific problem. For instance, the sales associate who has offended everyone around the office will benefit from sensitivity training. Conversely, the employee on the rise looking to transition into a new position would be better served by a coaching or understudy programs that emphasize training designed to introduce the employee to their new responsibilities, and employee online training software is at the heart of a comprehensive training program.

Online training software reviews suggests that the technology is perfectly suited for training purposes, and the software to create online training courses allows the flexibility to tailor lessons to individual concerns that may be presented from one employee situation to another.

Free Management Courses

Every manager knows that training their employees is critical to not only the day-to-day operations of your firm, but also critically important to the long-term prospects of your company. That being said, however, the savvy supervisor also knows that it is imperative that they continue to educate themselves whether through management training seminars, online management training courses or through attending training courses for office managers. According to data supplied at American Management Association conferences, supervisors looking at managing people training courses or promoting employee wellness training courses are better positioned to do that when managers invest in themselves first.

Free management courses and online leadership training courses give management teams the reservoir of knowledge that they need to lead their squad. Corporate training software and free online courses with certificates in project management give supervisors looking to improve their staff’s performance a solid platform from which to launch that training regime. Getting the most out of employee relations training courses means having a teacher that understands the learning process, and the best way to do that is by going through the learning process themselves whether it’s attending online sales training courses or leading employee relation training courses.

Khan Academy

One of the leading non-profit educational institutes in the country is the renowned Khan Academy. Based out of Mountain View, California, the firm specializes in creating micro lessons that focus on Khan Academy YouTube videos. Each lesson is supported by online material in a variety of disciplines. Indeed, Khan Academy statistics suggest that their students benefit from the tight educational focus that their lessons provide.

The Khan Academy offers a myriad of programs that are of benefit to their students with options ranging from the Khan Academy physics course to Khan Academy geometry classes. For business leaders looking to encourage their workforce to pursue continued educational opportunities, the free offerings at the Khan Academy are the perfect vehicle to accomplish exactly that. Khan Academy reviews are nothing but laudatory, so your employees will be able to avail themselves of the latest in educational theories, which is why their philosophy “A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”