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With Lessonly, companies and managers quickly transform knowledge into shareable lessons and resources, engage employees through interactive feedback loops, accelerate rep and team performance, and measure the impact of better learning across their organizations.

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Trunk Club uses Lessonly to train more than 750 reps & stylists on 20+ new initiatives per month.

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How Onboarding Software Can Save Your HR Team

Human resource employees are vital to the stability of a business. This team of employees keeps a company on solid ground with hiring, firing, and keeping up with government regulations. In order to keep their heads screwed on tight, they need an efficient employee training plan in place to assure that everyone in the company stays in compliance with regulations. A huge contributor to any employee training plan? A great employee onboarding software.

Finding the Right Onboarding Software

There is a myriad of onboarding software. Free or SaaS is probably your best bet. Though, if your company plans to grow, or is already pretty big, your company likely needs a software-as-a-service (SaaS) onboarding software. When it comes to finding the right software to fit seamlessly into onboarding systems, your human resources department needs to define what that software looks like.

Without looking anything up, think about the things your human resources department needs to make employee and onboarding easier within human resources management. This can look something like the ease of delivery, tracking, creating, etc. There will also be an abundance of employee onboarding software reviews; that way, your team can find another business in a similar situation. Once you’ve compiled your list, look online for an onboarding software comparison. These comparisons will have onboarding software pricing, free trials, and a list of features and functions.

How Employee Onboarding Software Helps HR Teams

Lifting the weight of a clunky learning management system will free up much time and many resources for an HR team. Electronic onboarding, or elearning for onboarding, is often supplemented by on-site training. Many companies use it to brief and assess incoming employees on the basic processes and procedures in the company. For example, at Lessonly, all of our incoming employees use our product even before their first day. New employees are assigned a “My First Day at Lessonly” course. This course explains the office layout, how to use the coffee maker, proper clothing attire, and so on.

In addition to easy learning for onboarding, great learning materials should be incorporated into ongoing training. No one learns something perfectly the first time. It takes repetition and immersion. And information is changing all the time. It’s important to keep materials and employees updated at a cadence. A great learning platform will allow for this.

The point is, if you can deliver great learning material to learners and track their progress along the way, you’re steps ahead of all those companies training for days on-site and leaving retention levels to ambiguity.

Learners Learn Better With Lessonly

At Lessonly, we pride ourselves on making a product for the end-user: the learner. We believe to have a company grow as quickly as it wants, that company has to start with teaching its people effectively. A lot of that weight lies on strategic human resources management. If a human resources department functions extremely well with onboarding, its benefits will show throughout the company.

On the flip side, a learner that’s not embracing learning isn’t going to learn. Forcing a learner to take lessons will be even more ineffective. That’s a hard part of the learning process puzzle that HR teams have to solve. How can we use software to do more than check a completion box? How can the learning process be easy for us and fun for learners? Lessonly’s interface is intuitive — from both user sides. Learners love the ease of access and mobility, and administrators love the automated functions for assigning and tracking.

A human resources management software in combination with an electronic onboarding software like Lessonly can significantly simplify the day-to-day tasks in a person’s human resources career and improve it along the way. When this is the case, HR employees can pay closer attention to the individuals they’re working with rather than the system they’re trying to manage. Think about this long-term. Instead of taking a month to onboard a group of employees, you might be taking two weeks. Instead of spending money flying new employees to HQ for overwhelming, bulk training, your company will save travel expenses, and retention can be assessed along the way.

Lessonly’s SaaS onboarding tools equip anyone with the fluidity to create, deliver, and track amazing learning content — no human resources management degree required. Whether it’s explaining electronic new hire paperwork, delivering an employee onboarding application, or finalizing onboarding learning with a red carpet onboarding review, Lesson.ly puts the power of easy learning in your hands.

Furthermore, we find that, sometimes, human resources responsibilities can be overwhelming and with the abundance of work comes the opportunity for details to slip through the cracks. Many of our clients have shifted the learning experience with Lesson.ly. Instead of depending on an HR department solely for learning materials, administrators of Lessonly can assign department managers to be in charge of learners.

What this looks like: Instead of having someone in HR come up with learning material that explains a sales role (for example), the sales director themselves becomes a creator and manager to a group of learners. This makes for more detailed content and opens the door to a democratized learning approach. Another example would be within an HR department. The head of HR can build human resources courses to train their own employees.

Getting Started with SaaS Onboarding Best Practices

Using a SaaS learning platform may be new to your company, but there are SaaS onboarding examples everywhere. Software-as-a-service shouldn’t intimidate anyone. In fact, a SaaS onboarding process is much simpler than having to manage and maintain your own onboarding software before establishing effective training.

The first step to ensuring great onboarding material? A SaaS onboarding checklist. This list should be composed of thorough information accessible online: new hire paperwork, company overview, permissions, job description, etc. When you cover all your own bases, you set your learners up for a home run.

Our site has a more in-depth look at onboarding best practices or take a tour today.