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Lessonly is the powerfully simple, trackable training software teams use to learn and practice like never before.

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With Lessonly, companies and managers quickly transform knowledge into shareable lessons and resources, engage employees through interactive feedback loops, accelerate rep and team performance, and measure the impact of better learning across their organizations.

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US Cellular drives efficiency at scale for over 6000 agents with intuitive training through Lessonly.

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Goodwill increases employee performance and engagement for 4000+ associates with online training.

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Trunk Club uses Lessonly to train more than 750 reps & stylists on 20+ new initiatives per month.

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ELearning Software

Easily track your learning by building lessons and sharing them with your team.

Elearning has exploded in the last few years, giving learners unprecedented access to concepts that they would formerly have to sit through a seminar or classroom training in order to acquire. With elearning authoring software enabling the fast and efficient creation of content, students can now learn more effectively than every before.

Today, elearning software runs the gamut from advanced elearning builder programs to elearning software for mac to programs for other platforms. The best programs allow anyone with technological familiarity to collate necessary information and create rich, valuable content that elearners can absorb from anyone. Especially with the huge growth in the mobile sector, it is crucial for companies to leverage this newfound ability to teach employees from anywhere.

Consider onboarding an entire team from their hometowns, for instance, so you can weed out candidates who don’t meet your standards before you pay for a move across the country. Or making use of train rides and long flights, so employees can be absorbing information during normal work hours that would otherwise be wasted. With e learning, mac users and windows devotees alike can find a solid, reputable and useful platform on which to build, transmit and ingest important content.

The only downside? In a rush to capitalize on this growing sector, there are unfortunately many e-learning authoring software companies that provide a subpar product. If you’re just getting into the elearning field, make sure you do your research before choosing a provider for your content.

Free Elearning Software

In an effort to leverage the explosive growth of elearning and mobile learning in the past few years, many companies have jumped into the game for free. They provide free elearning authoring software, allowing anyone to create and disseminate elearning programs to their employees or the masses. Although free elearning software has some definite upsides, there are plenty of downsides as well. Let’s consider a few of each.

Among the benefits of free learning management system software are the fact that any company can create and put out training materials to help better its systems and its employees’ knowledge base. Considering that in past creating elearning materials has been cumbersome and expensive, this is no small thing.

However, the downsides include unreliable origins of such materials, the sometimes-poor nature of the design, and the unvetted safety of importing them onto company systems, where they can bring malware and viruses along for the ride.

Elearning Software Comparison

When you’re looking for elearning software, you are probably aiming for a good balance between a reasonable price, user friendliness, flexibility and range of options, and attractiveness (yes, that’s important too). However, with the wealth of both free and paid options on the marketplace, it’s sometimes impossible to tell where to start. Should you prioritize cost effectiveness or efficiency of learning outcomes? What do you need your program to do? Who are you teaching? Does it really matter if your elearning program looks like an especially talented monkey rather than a human being made it?

Tough questions, and not always easy to answer. The best way to do an elearning software comparison is to start by reading e learning software reviews. If you compare file software and discover that one looks better than another, that’s great, but don’t give up there. Continue to read through reviews of the best elearning software 2014, parsing users’ words to figure out which kind will mesh best with your company, will reach your particular types of employees, and will look good doing it.

And don’t forget platform. The best elearning software for mac won’t necessarily be the best for PC, although ideally you choose an elearning software company that can handle both. But the most important part of an elearning software comparison 2014? Making sure it sounds right for you.

Open Source Elearning Software

Open source is big these days. Many people find the idea of open source software very appealing, because it not only is free (usually, anyway), it has the backing of hundreds and sometimes thousands of different designers. In instructional design, the contribution of many different minds often results in a great product, but just as with free elearning software, there are some significant downsides as well.

In any open source elearning software comparison, you not only have to think through an open source LMS comparison, you’ve also got to make sure that you’re getting the best product possible. The thing about open source learning management systems is that they often incorporate the most cutting edge software, which isn’t always that user-friendly. “Cutting edge” might sound good, but sometimes this moniker translates to messy, barely-beyond-beta systems that make sense only to the people who designed them and not to the people trying to use them.

The other thing about open source LMS software to keep in mind before jumping in is that it usually doesn’t offer much support, doesn’t supply compatible hardware, and doesn’t come with warranties. While open source elearning tools may add a valuable layer to your elearning program, open source is not always the best way to go.

Old-School LMS

Any real discussion of elearning software must take into account old-school learning management systems, which were for years the gold standard among employee education technology systems. However, these days learning management systems aren’t as user friendly as most consumers require, they’re ugly, and it takes an expert to add anything to the system, effectively nullifying the idea that anyone can be an elearning designer.

With Lessonly, on the other hand, everything is much easier. Although there are programs such as camtasia, for instance, that help you create training and instructional videos with very little effort, they aren’t always top quality. Plus, they can be difficult to use. Let’s say you get a camtasia download, then you also have to get a camtasia key (such as the camtasia studio 8 key) which certifies that the program is original and will work as promised for you. The camtasia mac program is an example of the camtasia studio free download that will work for a variety of platforms. Just make sure if you want camtasia for mac (or any other program for mac), that you road test it before launching a full-scale attempt to create new information.

Other programs, such as moodle and lectora, also promise to provide good learning management capabilities, but aren’t always that user-friendly and may be difficult to integrate into your learning system. Instead, you want an easy-to-use, simply integrated elearning system such as Lessonly that won’t break the bank or your brain.