Save Yourself; Use OneLogin

A long day of continuously typing “nachos12”–the password earning a chuckle when you made it up in middle school–can be frustrating and leave a subconscious animosity with the northern Mexican dish. Don’t ruin nachos for yourself. Instead, start using OneLogin, which now works with Lessonly. The benefits of OneLogin are numerous, but you have to get back to remembering your passwords–for now–so here’s a brief rundown:

Directory Integration

Integrating directories like LDAP, Active Directory, Workday, or even just using OneLogin enables you to easily import custom permissions for each user. Grant and revoke access faster than they can open and close the door. Easily change access restrictions without changing firewall settings. No fire or wall with OneLogin. You can set up custom permissions for each user through an easy, intuitive interface.

Single Sign-on

Sign on once. Once. Through OneLogin, sign in once to your local network or OneLogin and start launching web applications with just a click. OneLogin has already integrated over 4,000 applications and working to add more every day. No longer will you have to remember what email you used for what application or which password you slipped in an “@” instead of an “a.” Secure your Lessonly account and ensure proper assignment with ease. Also, this will cut down chances of phishing, with no reduction in chances of fishing. You can still go catch your bass on the weekends, and with all the time saved by only signing in once, maybe you can sneak out of the office a few minutes early.

Access Control

The centralization of access control and application to all users throughout applications prevents man-in-the-middle hacks and other security breaches. With OneLogin and Lessonly, assign lessons and editing permissions to the right people. OneLogin provides a phone-based, out-of-band authentication solution to help prevent these breaches. Human error gets the best of everyone, except the machines. Set your access control by roles and ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly for every user. OneLogin offboards even faster to prevent unauthorized access by previous employees.

Mobile Identity

OneLogin offers solutions for a majority of mobile device as well. Android, iOS, and Windows are all supported. Sorry, it’s getting time to upgrade from the Moto Razr V4. Access personal and corporate devices as well as tablets. Stay on-the-go and in-the-know. Keep up with your friends, colleagues, coworkers, and clientele for a seamless mobile experience. You can even train out of the office. Take your Lessonly assignments with you and finish them during your morning commute…unless you’re driving. Don’t do that.

Lessonly + OneLogin

Using Lessonly and OneLogin can give you the same benefits. Imagine accessing your branded Lessonly account without typing in your password or opening up your browser (we know it’s your homepage). It’s not a world you have to imagine! Start using OneLogin and Lessonly together today.

If you want to learn more or get started with OneLogin and Lessonly, head over to OneLogin and throw your password book away.

If after signing up, you want to share how to use OneLogin with your team, try out Lessonly here.

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