Help! A Call Center Training Manual Guide

Ahh! If you’re scared or intimidated of starting your call center training manual, you have found the right place to start. Sometimes, getting your employees up to speed as quickly as possible becomes the priority. When ignorant or rushed representatives hit the phones, expect your customer satisfaction ratings to drop for a few weeks until they understand your product. To avoid that experience, be sure to include these things in your call center training manual:

The basics

To start your employees out on the right foot, go over some office basics. Don’t rush them into the product. In this section, the focus should be on getting them acclimated to the rest of the team and the work environment. This would be a time to tell them where to park (don’t be surprised if someone leaves during this section), benefits they might not have known about, and even your safety and security suggestions.

The company

In this section, introduce them to the foundation of the company, the history, the values, the culture, the mission, and the vision. Your employees should be aware of where the company is going regardless of how new they may be. Clearly defining culture and values can help expedite the soft-skill onboarding process. It is also a great way to maintain the culture you initially set out to create.

The product

Now you introduce them to the product. After they understand what their role is in the grand scheme of the business, it’s time to get down to the product. They should be able to answer frequently asked questions, understand feature updates better than anyone, know how to keep up with upcoming features, and how to forward a call to a specific department when they can’t answer a question. If you have a flow chart or script, now is the time to share that with them and do some role-playing.

The customer

When they can answer every question about the product or know who can, they should know who to expect on the other end of the line. Employees who understand customers can often prepare to answer questions before they are even asked, which is always impressive to customers. You should also share customer case studies in your call center training manual to remind your employees why they are there and give some easily-accessible motivation.

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